A Short Dune Buggy Safari Guide

Ever wanted to go on a buggy safari? Do not have an idea about what it entails? Firstly, you will have to find a reputable buggy hire Dubai company that’s willing to accommodate your requests. Once you’ve found one, make sure that the dune buggy you choose is in pristine condition. Most accredited tour operators in the Emirate do offer the provision of pick-up and drop-off, you’ll not need to worry about commutation to and fro the kick-off location. A trusted operator will also render your group with an experienced guide who’ll run through the basics and journey with you throughout the entire course of the trip. Listed below are some key things you should consider before going on a Buggy Tour.

Dress for the Occasion

Remember that you are going on a desert excursion. The harsh desert sun and sandy terrain are a couple of factors that dictate the need for suitable clothing. Long-sleeved shirts and pants can help to shield your body from harmful UV rays and sand particles. Also, be sure to wear the helmets provided by the tour operator to avoid head injuries in case of an accident.

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Time & Purpose of the Tour

Factors such as the duration of the tour and the ground you want to cover should be considered before choosing an operator. In addition to what the tour operator offers, your physical capabilities should also be considered. If you cannot handle the rigorous desert conditions, it is better to opt for a 1-hour or 2-hour tour. Tours are priced by the duration, so choose wisely!

What’s Your Objective?

Do you want to bash the dunes to get your adrenaline pumping or just to enjoy the picturesque desert sights? Having a clear objective with your tour can help you to enjoy the trip more. It will also help the guide to choose the best locations to take you on during the tour. In case you do not have any clear-cut goal, hop into the buggy and let loose.

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Follow the Guide’s Instructions

Professional guides are experienced professionals having numerous years of experience navigating the desert. They know the best routes and times for desert tours. Always make sure that you follow their instructions without fail. Failure to do so may result in serious repercussions.

Make a point of veering from the norm today and book a buggy safari in Dubai.


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