Checkpoints to apply for China visa

There are a few countries which provide visa on arrival but as far as China is concerned, there are certain cases where visa on arrival is issued. But that is only for a single entry and the validity for the same varies.

If you need to know how to get a visa for china, then keep reading on.

Firstly, make sure to start with the process at least two months before your departure.

Remember that there are 12 types of visa for China with variable entry regulations. And each visa type has a different application procedure and sections that you must qualify. So you first need to determine which visa is suitable for your purpose.

Availability of your passport

The validity of your passport must be more than 6 months if you are applying for the China visa and there must be blank pages in your passport for visa work.

Visa validity and entries allowed

The duration of valid stay on each visa ranges from 30-60 days.

There are three types of entry on the Chinese visa i.e. single when you can visit only once, double and triple under which you can go and revisit the country in accordance to the validity of your visa and permitted entries.

Documents required for visa application

  1. Original valid passport with a minimum of two blank pages in it
  2. Download the visa application form from the Chinese embassy website and fill it correctly
  3. Passport size photo with dimension 35mm*45mm
  4. Air ticket record along with details of the area of stay
  5. In the case of business or work visa, details of the area of work, along with a letter of invitation and the proposed area of stay must be clearly stated too

You need to submit the application along with the documents in the Chinese embassy and pay the visa application fees and obtain your visa approval.

Time taken for visa confirmation

The visa confirmation takes 4 working days.


These regulations for obtaining a Chinese visa only holds well if you are planning for a trip to China. If you just have to stay within the China airport premises during transit to another country, then you will not need to apply for a Chinese visa.


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