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The smoke detectors are the small detectors or sensors that can detect smoke or fire agent within minutes. Without the smoke detectors you may not able to protect your property or loved ones from unexpected fire. This is why Global Alarms is helping people around the UAE with their best-manufactured Smoke detectors for your home or offices. The company is supplying a wide range of firefighting system and equipment as well as smoke detectors Abu Dhabi - Global Alarms.

The smoke detectors by the Global Alarm are made up of the latest technology and safety features.

The Global Alarm’s series of 65 smoke detectors are the most enhanced and improved smoke detectors as compare to series 60 units. The 65 series units are combined with the latest technology and advanced sensors to detect smoke within seconds to keep you safe and sound.

The series 65 units are made up of optical smoke detectors and detectors that can detect up to four grades of heat.

Best model of smoke detectorsThe important features of the above series detectors are:

  • Wide operation voltage.
  • Advanced electronic technology.
  • Flashing LED option.
  • Magnetic test switch option.
  • Compatible with security systems.
  • Electrically and mechanically compatible with series 60 units.

The range of smoke detectors by Global Alarms are:

Addressable Fire Alarm system:

This system is based on different detectors and devices which are connected to the control panels. Each device has an address installed in it to detect the fire quickly.

Conventional Fire Alarm System:

This is most suitable for the small areas such as residential kitchens or office cabins. It will detect the exact location of fire by wiring for different zones of the building. It is a low-cost solution for controlling small fires.

Air Sampling Smoke Detection System:

This system can give you low or high levels of warning signs in low and high smoke conditions. It can send a signal when the smoke becomes serious. This system is the best to use for detecting smoke early.

Battery operated Fire Detectors:

Smoke detectors in DubaiThese detectors are the best to use at residential areas. It can provide a low battery warning.

Fire Detection Alarm:

These detectors are bit expensive than other fire detectors. These detectors can detect the smoke immediately within seconds to control it.

Fire And Gas Detection:

These are new technology detectors that cannot only detect the fire but also other harmful gases including Carbon monoxide.

The Process Of Installation Of Smoke Detectors By Global Alarms:

It is very simple to hire the Global Alarm’s services for installing fire detectors in your space. You can contact them via call and get an appointment of a meeting. After meeting and understanding about the services the company will give you their quotation for the services. The workers will start working as per your requirements and need.


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