How to Find the Best Hospitals Near JLT?

First and foremost, before you even begin looking for a hospital for treatment, ensure that your medical card of health insurance is renewed and valid. Dubai is known for its healthcare and the JLT area has some of the best hospitals in the city. But getting professional healthcare in a hospital near JLT without medical insurance can be an expensive affair. So, ensure that your medical insurance is up to date before you go for your treatment. After this, you can begin your research for the best hospital in JLT, Dubai. Some hospitals may specialize in a particular treatment for a particular condition, this will further narrow down your choices. This way you’ll find it easier to zero in on the best hospital in JLT for your condition.

Have Your Insurance Ready

As already mentioned, getting healthcare in Dubai without medical insurance can be very expensive. The UAE government has, in fact, made it compulsory for every resident to have medical insurance in Dubai. If not, you can be heavily fined.

Once you have your medical insurance sorted, talk to your agent at the medical insurance company to find out the network of healthcare facilities that are covered under the insurance. Different medical insurance companies offer different networks of healthcare centers. Depending on which insurance plan you choose, the networks of healthcare facilities may differ. Some insurance companies even let you choose from a list of healthcare facilities.


List the Ones Located Nearby

Once you’ve got the list of healthcare facilities, find out which among these are located in the JLT area in Dubai. The list itself should mention the general area about the location of the hospital. If not, you can always find it on Google Maps.

Check Reviews Online

After this, go online and check the reviews these hospitals have online. Their previous patients may have left on the net about the customer service they provide. You want to ensure that you choose a hospital where they provide the best care.

Find the Most Suitable Ones

This will further narrow down your search. Now check which doctors are available at the hospital. The trick to finding the best hospital is to find the right doctor at the right hospital to get the best treatment. Do a background check on the doctors available. Find out what their qualifications are. You can also check what other patients are telling about them on the net. Find out if the doctors are professional and do their job well. Also, find out what their consultation fee is. Check what each doctor specializes in, after which you further narrow down your search to doctors with a relevant specialization depending on your condition.

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Find out what timings these doctors are available at the hospitals and make an appointment. Ensure that you carry all the necessary documents for a successful visit to the hospital. Don’t forget to carry your medical history, medical reports, previous prescriptions, and most importantly your health insurance card.

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