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Up until a decade ago, most home owners looking to breath new life into their houses concentrated mainly on the exterior aspect only, getting a new coat of paint, adding some nice fixtures in the front yard, adding new tiles to the driveway, and maybe, even installing better lighting.

Now, the world of interior design has gained a lot more attention and interest, compelling owners to spend time and money on this front as well.

While it is important to make the house look welcoming and glorious from the outside, the interior is what leaves the lasting impression, and the only part of the house that can deliver the exotic feeling of luxury and extravagance.

Apart from changing the furniture and giving the house a theme, one segment that will definitely catch the eyes of all visitors to the home is the walls.

Herein, most people have two choices. Either go with wallpaper, or get a new coat of paint.

This guide is for people who are serious about having the interior of their house transformed by a fit out company in Dubai – Décor Bayt.

Variety Of Choice

It is every home owner’s wish to do the best possible job for the inside of their house, making it the perfect place to come back to every day.

To make the walls as unique as possible, you would have to have access to beautiful designs, that are not only suitable and elegant, but also stand out from the works most of your friends have gotten done in their houses.

This is where the variety and types of paint and wallpaper décor come in.

In general, wallpapers and paint both deliver a large range of designs, patterns and style to choose from. For people who already have a theme in mind, or want the interior to reflect the style of the house used in the exterior, this means an easier task of choosing a color and pattern that is most complimentary.

Decor Bayt

Latest Design Innovation

The soaring popularity of wallpaper has also multiplied the types of choices it gives its buyers.

They can also be bought in styles like ceramic, stone and granite for example, and make for perfect replicas for those trying to mimic a more grand interior décor theme.

A similar method is also used in certain floors than are supposed to create a wooden look. This is done by using strong materials and a scaled print to make it look just like a real wooden floor.

How Long Will It Last?

Getting your wallpaper installed by a team of professionals can make all the difference when it comes to making it last longer. With the right kind of care and proper, reliable installation, it will be years before you will have to buy new sheets.

Just keep in mind however, that for the most part, the use of wallpaper is a bad idea in places like the bathroom and kitchen, where water and steam can make it peel off quicker.


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