Questions you should ask international movers

Dubai is famous as a gateway for trade and transit. Over the decades, this port city has manifested signs of growth in the economic sector. Needless to say, several businesses depend upon reliable companies that provide good international movers rates in Dubai.

What affects the rate?

Iinternational movers rates DubaiIf you view it simplistically, many aspects dictate the ultimate cost. But some of the most common factors are:


Where are you relocating to? First off, find out whether the international moving company provides services to that area. The greater the distance, the higher the rate.

What goods are being shipped:

Are you sending a car, household items, or consumer goods such as electronics? Some things will need more care than others. Rates will vary depending upon the time and material spent on wrapping every product.

Level of service:

Are you expecting door-to-door service? If you require packers and movers, then the charges will undoubtedly increase. There is more effort involved in packing, moving, and then unpacking items one by one. And if there are stairs involved, expect a higher figure.


How quickly do you want the goods to be shipped? The longer the wait, the less the rate.

Mode of transportation:

How is the item being transported? Are you transporting it via road, sea, or air? Each type has different rates. Only a company representative can verify how much it costs. Sometimes you may be able to avail special discounts, making one way surprisingly cheaper than the others.

Volume vs weight:

The bulkier the item, the more space it occupies. Though it may not weigh as much, some movers may charge depending upon capacity rather than weight.

Remember that the lowest shipping rates may not always be the best ones. Read the fine print. It may be possible that they will accept much lower responsibility in case something goes wrong.

How to find the right international movers

KK MoverThese are a few of the questions that you need to know the answers for before you sign a contract for an overseas moving service. Your lack of information could leave you feeling overwhelmed. Start with the basic.

  • Is the company licensed? Look on their website as well.
  • What is insured and how much? Will you need to purchase additional insurance for certain fragile or expensive items?
  • What happens if anything is damaged or lost? If you are shipping anything of value, you should make a list of your belongings for yourself and the insurance policy.
  • Can the rate change? Typically, a company will give a quote that is valid for 30 days. But if your move is further down, the rate could go either way. The fluctuating price of fuel could also interfere with the estimate. And if you change the destination, expect a variation in the amount.
  • Are there any hidden costs? Find out all the extras so that you have an accurate idea of the expense and if it’ll fit in with your budget.
  • What is the method of payment?
  • How long will it take to receive the shipment?



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