Safety Precautions to Take When Renting A Yacht in Dubai

Whether you are a Dubai resident or merely visiting the emirate, we suggest renting a yacht during your time there. For residents, as you know, Dubai marina yacht rental gives you the opportunity to escape the noise and chaos of the city and unwind beneath the unobstructed UAE sun. For a tourist, it is a unique experience which provides a foundation for memories that will last long after the boat has returned to shore. While the vast majority of yachting trips go without incident, accidents do occur on occasion. To minimize the risk of something going wrong during your time on the water, we have prepared the following list of yachting safety tips.

Safety On Yacht

Carry Identification

In most cases, the Dubai Coast Guard will ask to see some sort of identification before allowing you to set sail, even if you’re just going to be out on the water for an hour. The Coast Guard can be pretty strict and generally won’t look the other way if you don’t have the appropriate documents, so be sure to bring your passport or driver’s license or some other official form of identification with you. Your passengers should also carry appropriate documentation.

Bring Water

Yachting is a great way to experience the Dubai sun in all of its majesties, with no tall buildings or clouds of smog to block it out. It is important to remember, however, that the unobstructed sun can go from being a friend to an enemy at a moment’s notice. Dehydration is common, especially during extended sailing trips, so be sure to stock your yacht with ample amounts of bottled water before leaving the dock.

Plan for Sea Sickness

The waters of the UAE are generally pretty calm, especially close to the shores of Dubai. That being said, serious cases of motion sickness can cause nausea and vomiting even in the gentlest waves. For that reason, if you or one of your passengers are prone to seasickness, you should carry appropriate medication. Additionally, a first aid kit should be present on your yacht. You may even want to hire a nurse or doctor as a crew member, especially if you have a large number of passengers.

Tell Somebody Where You’re Going

While the company you rent your yacht from will have a record of you, Dubai marina yacht rental is a hectic business and they may not think to check in on you until hours after you leave the dock. In the event of an emergency, this delay could result in the unthinkable. To minimize the risk of disaster, inform a friend that you are taking a yacht out and agree on a time to contact them when you return.

Drink Alcohol Responsibly

Drink Alcohol Responsibly

There are those who steadfastly advocate against bringing alcohol onboard a yacht. While we understand where they are coming from, we understand that the typical Dubai tourist is going to want to kick back on the deck with a cocktail in hand. That is perfectly fine. However, you should remember to drink responsibly during your time at sea. Exceeding your typical alcohol limit could very easily put you and your passengers in danger.


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