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A design project is a documentation complex, developed during engineering projection, according to a technical task, corresponding to quantity of construction and decoration works. A future interior is entirely identified by a design project, which is composed after a number of consultations and meetings with a customer. It is important for a designer to comprehensively understand customer’s preferences, such as colors, styles, textures and materials. A further research, conducted by a designer, includes verification of room functionality, its purposes and getting familiar with people, who will use it the most.

After the first version of a design project is presented, a customer has an opportunity to introduce corrections or offer additions for a plan. Customer offers are also verified by a project manager to assure that the given comments do not oppose technical and engineering requirements of a building. It is commonly recommended to apply for a 3D visualization service in order to virtually realize a designer project and approve the most suitable version. As a result, a customer acquires a documentation package, used during construction works, which usually consists of the following sections:

  • a plan, related to coverings of floors, ceilings and walls;
  • a lighting spots plan;
  • a sanitary equipment scheme;
  • communication lines drafting;
  • specification for finishing materials;
  • furniture illustrations;
  • sketches for built-in furniture elements.

Why you should order the interior design of our studio:

  • Provide a full range of services;
  • Save your money (on average we save 28009 AED on purchase of finishing materials and furniture due to our discounts from top brands);
  • Design is 40% faster than that offered by other studios in Dubai;
  • Provide discounts for finishing materials and furniture from our partners.

The cost of turnkey repairs : from 447 AED/m2

Order our interior design

Everyone knows that good interior design shows the taste and the social status of the owner. It reflects the inner world of the owner and allows you to create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

In the presence of certain skills and knowledge in the field of design, as well as time for selection of finishing materials, furniture and decor really create a stunning design of their own. In all other cases, we recommend to turn to DIZ PRO professionals and enjoy the interior design.


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