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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a designer supervision service during construction works. A precise designer participation in every stage of a project realization is a guarantee of an accurate compliance of all project works to a designer sketch or a 3D visualization model. Actual embodiment of interior elements is different to projection and drafting. Other construction aspects should be taken into account as well: availability of approved materials and human resources, a competency level of workers, interior specifics, technical regulations and a project budget. An interior design service, supplemented by the designer supervision allows to accurately plan a future project maintenance, efficiently distribute financial means, calculate an exact quantity of required materials and comfortably realize a designer concept.

The Diz Pro experienced designers take responsibility for all renovation nuances, that may arise. Their job is to rationally dissolve any type of a construction issue, in order to let a customer to enjoy the process of an interior renewal. Coordination of works, communication to contractors and suppliers, shipping acceptance are the most relevant aspects of an interior realization, which require experience, time and professional organizational qualities. Diz Pro offers a service of designer supervision, delivered through site visits, shopping for materials and a building team management. It is recommended to purchase a weekly designer check for the most satisfactory results.

Cost of architectural supervision services (within Dubai) in the month:

  • with an area of object is 100 m2 – 1680 AED;
  • when object surface is 200 m2 – 2235 AED;
  • when the area of the object is 200 m2 – is discussed individually.

Supervision includes:

  • Telephone and other negotiations with subcontractors, suppliers, persons involved in the implementation of the project;
  • Regular visits to the facility (not more than four per month, up to 3 hours);
  • Business builders for all project documentation;
  • Negotiation and settlement of issues relating to the implementation of the project;
  • Control of compliance with selected color palette, finishing materials, etc. developed design project;
  • Monitoring the progress and quality of finishing works on object;
  • Ordering construction and finishing materials along with the coordination of their value with the customer;
  • Adjustments (if necessary) in a design project that emerged after the dismantling of old and construction of new partitions, after leveling floors, walls and ceilings;
  • The placement of decorative elements in the interior (curtains, paintings, vases, mirrors, etc.).

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